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The classic cheese ensaymada dates back to an era of three centuries of Spanish influence. With recipes handed down and altered through generations, the Filipino ensaymada has evolved into a buttery brioche-like bun, topped with butter, sugar and grated aged cheese.    The sweet-savory pairing in this Filipino classic is nothing less than amazing.


So delicious!!!
Posted 18th Dec 2020 by Candice

Every time we order the classic ensymada, it is such a treat! The whole family loves it and is requested again and again! Easy to order online, delivery is always prompt, and the taste is superb!

Best Ensaymadas in the USA
Posted 17th Dec 2020 by Elizabeth Q.

These are by far the best ensaymadas in the USA. They are so buttery and fluffy. These are premium products and Chari's prompt service is excellent.

Classic cheese ensaymada
Posted 30th Sep 2020 by Anna

Very delicious! I love love love the buttercream and cheese so much! I can finish 1 box in a day!

Classic cheese ensaymada
Posted 22nd Sep 2020 by Marilou Moya

Very good ensaymada and always the best ones are the original cheese and keso de bola! Light and fluffy and shelf life I tested, one week at room temperature and still maintained it's goodness and fluffiness! Also I would like to add, the ensaimadas arrived beautifully boxed and inserted into a metallic insulated packaging envelope, which kept the freshness of the contents inside! Well done Chari! You're the best!

Cheese classic and Keso de bola
Posted 1st Sep 2020 by Marilou Moya

It's the best ensaimadas in California! Our all time favorite is the keso de bola and we always order 2 dozen so we can share to others!

Cheese classic and Keso de bola
Posted 1st Sep 2020 by Marilou Moya

It's the best here in California! It's a great gift for the holidays/birthdays or any occasion! Our all time favorite is keso de bola!

cheese classic comfort food
Posted 26th Aug 2020 by D Ching

My family likes the classic cheese

Classic cheese and queso de bola
Posted 25th Jul 2020 by Nicole

Super yummy Ensaymada! Best version that I’ve tried here in the U.S. light, fluffy and the perfect balance of salty and sweet. I keep coming back to order more!

Cheese/ube ensaymada
Posted 13th Jul 2020 by Tricia

The best ensaymada!!!

So good!
Posted 24th Jun 2020 by Michael

Excellent and delicious. Arrived promptly.

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